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Larry Raspbury

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Exclusive Buyer Agent

The Seller Pays my Fee!

 I Send All Listings from All Traverse City Real Estate Agents.
I use the most detailed Traverse City Real Estate Search Engine.
NO Under Contract, Sold or Expired Listings.
If you want someone to represent only you, consider a
Exclusive Buyer Agent who will be working FOR YOU.
United States Department of Justice
"EBAs were recognized as the "true" and "genuine" buyer's agents. EBAs are dedicated to finding their clients the right home at the best price and on the best terms possible ­ providing unbiased home showing (since they do not list property for sale), no conflicts of interest such as "dual agency," and a wider selection of properties for the buyer to see (including for-sale-by-owner properties that regular agents may not show)"
"The original and easiest to understand form of complete buyer 
representation is Exclusive Buyer Agency"
Consumer Reports
Consider an Exclusive Buyer Broker who represent only Buyers. Non exclusive real estate agents tend to show their own listings first, since they won't share the commission if they represent both buyer and seller. Then they will probably show their firm's listings since they stand to gain from those sales...
Larry Raspbury, Broker/Owner of Paradigm Real Estate LLC. DBA Traverse City Buyer Agent - Traverse City, Michigan,