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... "Larry, you are the best real estate agent for the buyer that I have ever seen or worked with" are the best real estate agent I have ever known or heard of!!! Bill Boehme

Larry, you went above and beyond on many things to help us purchase the home in Traverse City. We could not have made a better choice in a person to represent us. Dave & Dawn Sprinkle

Thanks very much Larry, for everything. 
We're very happy; not only with our new home, but with the entire experience we had working with you as our Buyers Agent. 
You smoothed over the potential rough spots along the way, and your consideration and care helped us through the process. Steve & Monica Gregosky
Thank you for being so honest with us that is rareI find in real estate. I have a good friend from down state I have known
for many years He works for Re max, He sold us our first home, he became a good friend and such a humble honest man. My wife says you remind us of him. God bless, Tom Faunce
Yes, I have heard from Larry and he has exceeded my expectations.  His efforts have helped improve our focus in searching a further vacation/retirement home. Ernie Harris
Yep that would be a “no go”!  Thanks for checking on this.  That’s why you are so good at what you do! Gail Chambers Loan Officer
Oh Larry you make so much sense I'm so happy we have you. Elizabeth Hucek.

...I wanted to say thank you for your honest assessment of the properties and pointing out what is not a good buy. The experiences we have had up to this point with agents and agencies has been very disheartening so you have been a welcome change. Naomi Kuester

We like you a lot, like I said you are a character guy, and you made something that is usually not fun, fun.  At this point, you are more than just an agent to us, but a friend.

Both Becki and I have the utmost respect for you and have never felt that you have done anything nag-like, underhanded, etc.  Quite the contrary. Mike Massong